While Covid-19 remains to hover like a cloud throwing its lingering doubt upon all of us, instead of concentrating on the silver lining, it could do us better. Many companies, brands, and people who were initially running around trying to find a firm foothold on what is now the new standard have now gotten used to it.

Small businesses had the worst pandemic effects. The pandemic has hit them really hard and there is no space for expanding and carrying the company to higher levels. But the ray of hope arrives, as technology is rising and people are switching to digital media, Digital Marketing will play a key role for small businesses.

Digital Marketing offers companies the chance to come to shore again and make them ready to join the sea of immense reach that they have never anticipated. For this purpose, in building brand awareness and growing traffic to company websites, digital marketing is relevant. A comprehensive digital marketing plan begins with the development of a website optimized for search and involves an active presence in social media.

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While many small businesses concentrate on organic marketing initiatives such as social media and conventional outreach, in the battle for online consumer interest, paid media is becoming more relevant. These include advertisements on social media and Search engine for Pay Per Click (PPC).
Here are some aspects of digital marketing that will work well in this global pandemic:

1. Get into the Social world with a Strategy:

With tightening wallets and people spending more time in front of screens at home, social media offers a tremendous opportunity for companies of all kinds. For companies to connect, meet customer desires, and create trust, an active social media footprint has always been imperative

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2. Online Webinars:

With the closure of all events, webinars, particularly in the B2B industry, will be the vital medium for targeted information distribution and group user interaction.

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3. Plunge in Search Engine Strategy:

Again, more than ever, consumers are at home and online, so if there is ever a moment to evaluate the search traffic, it is now. Search traffic will be volatile across various industries, so through SEO tools, it is best to understand your organic search results. Cost-per-clicks will also fluctuate in terms of search engine ads, as corporations either decrease their marketing spending or bid to gain media space.

4. Opportunities in OTT advertising:

Although all of us are stuck at home without a large screen with a butter popcorn hand, OTTs have swooped in to rescue us. OTT networks in India have seen an 80 per cent rise in the user base amid the lockdown, according to Forbes. It is not too long before businesses begin to understand this customizable advertising opportunity and exploit OTT ads. These not only help to reliably target consumers but also help marketers monitor viewership in real-time.

Any business, no matter big or small business can grow on digital platforms using the right digital marketing tools, instruments and strategies. For smaller companies, there is a higher scope of the business to reach another level.