We do not offer refunds or credits for unused subscription/retainer period or service rendered. You will always have the option to cancel the subscription/retainer/service as per your contract agreement.

  • 1. Every service offered by us takes a different course of action to get accomplished from start to end thus the refund policy cannot be created.

  • 2. When any service is taken up, there are resources that are engaged, reserved and aligned with your(customer) needs, and thus this engagement is sealed on the 1st of every month. Any cancellation will not take place for that month in which the cancellation is requested.

  • 3. No refund is possible for the fee paid in the form of administrative fees or installation charges.

  • 4. Taxes paid on services levied by regulatory bodies would not be refunded with fee refund.

  • 5. No refund will be entertained in case service gets canceled due to any violation of terms stated in our Terms & Condition section.

  • 6. There is no refund policy for the services placed under urgent day delivery.

  • 7. Blindly Digital LLP is not liable to pay a refund if delay or service disruption happens due to third party involvement. Third party also includes any online or offline tool, service provider, media platform and other assets that help in the fulfilment of any service or enables any service that is delivered or engaged to be delivered.