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We understand your unique business context and your goals to zero in on the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to focus on. We then derive a set of specific strategies to achieve the KPI benchmarks.


We simulate the outcomes of the planned strategies, brainstorm with the team and streamline the plan. We iterate the process over and over until we arrive at a 100% optimized version of the campaign plan.


We execute the campaign, achieve milestones, record the outcomes and present the client with a detailed analytics report. We then collect the client’s feedback on the overall experience and use it as an input for the optimization of the next campaigns.

Our Outdoor Advertising and Events Services in Bangalore.

Why Brands trust us for Outdoor Advertising and Events

We make the right people see your brand in the right places at the right time

Repetitive Exposure

When your target audience views your marketing ads repeatedly (while transiting past it or seeing it every time they go outside), it is more likely to leave an impression.

Conquer Beyond Digital

Though digital marketing comes with a plethora of benefits, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. In such scenarios, traditional marketing methods like outdoor advertising through events can be extremely powerful.

Less Pushy

Moreover, when compared to how digital and in-home marketing is generally received, people perceive outdoor advertising as a pleasant and non-intrusive kind of marketing.

Stand Out in the Market

Outdoor advertising also acts as a product reminder. This may prompt a customer to think about the product or service the next time they are in need, or it may persuade them to buy something they wouldn't have considered before.

Monitor Customer Response

Using catchy and memorable slogans on your OOH ad will lead to a surge in it being entered on search engines. Checking the average traffic of an area using Google Maps can also give a rough idea of ad impressions.

Higher Conversion Rate

Two-thirds of travelers make their shopping selections outside of their house over the course of a week, according to consumer research firm Arbitron. More than half say they make their shopping decisions most frequently while they are not at home.

Hassle-free from Start to Finish

Skip the headaches of back and forth calls with stubborn vendors. Event planners can save you money, cover all the details, and organize a smooth event while you relax and look forward to it.

Smooth out Finer Details

Stressing on finer details like decor and lighting can jeopardize the flow of the event. Leave it to the experts to create an unforgettable event.

What We Do

One Blindly Digital, Many solutions

Event and Exhibition

Our end-to-end event and exhibition services ensure that your brand image gets the voice that it deserves! From ideation to delivery, we have you covered.

Corporate Events

We curate tailor made corporate event plans to help you get your company vision across. Meetings, conferences or company retreats, we have custom solutions for all.

Ticketed Concerts

Bring back the glory of live events and music with ticketed concerts. Leave the smooth, safe and scintillating concert experience to us!

Brand Expo

Let us organise your brand expo while you enjoy the attention of your direct customers and shake hands with opportunities.

BTL Activities

Our approach to BTL activities helps you create a buzz, get your message out and deliver top of the line results.

College Fests

With our finger on the pulse, our organisers help you plan fun, and memorable college festivals. We hit the sweet spot with concepts, supply and delivery trifecta.

Online Events

VIrtual events are in-the know. We help you get the right tech and distribution strategy to enable a successful event with a high-turnout.

Concept Curation for Outdoor Activities

Run-of-the mill outdoor activities don’t work anymore. We help you curate unique yet viable concepts for your retreats or outdoor get-togethers.

Copywriting for Advertising

Pack a punch to your brand message with our copywriting services. Hook, line and sinker your way to your customer’s feed.

Outdoor Marketing Campaigns

Boost your brand with our outdoor marketing campaigns. We assist you with expansive coverage, targeting relevant traffic and oodles of creativity.

BillBoard Management

Boost your brand with our BillBoard Management services. We assist you with expansive coverage, targeting relevant traffic and oodles of creativity.

One stop Outdoor Marketing & Event Management

We specialize in the the complete lifecycle of an Outdoor marketing and Event throughout India.

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We know You've got Questions, Here we have got some of the answers you might seek.

  • What is zoho and why do I need it?

    Zoho is a popular cloud based CRM software that can not only take care of various business activities like sales, marketing, inventory, customer support etc, but also provides you with analytics to help create changes that grow your business.

  • Why should I choose Blindly Digital for our Zoho needs?

    We are not just developers. Being a marketing firm, we like to research heavily about our clients' business and identify their exact needs. We develop and integrate our solutions based on our unparalleld research practices.

  • How much I would need to invest for Zoho integration for my business?

    Zoho provides multitude of solutions under its umbrella at much more affordable prices than its competiors. Cost estimations can only be made after we can asses your business's needs. Contact us today for a price qoute.

  • Do I get anything else apart from the application development, in the package?

    We value our relationship with our clients and so, we provide complete after sales support. We develop and integrate the CRM, provide training and help you with all the future changes and data transfer. We are just a call away in case you face any problems. That never happens though.

  • What changes can I expect after getting the CRM installed?

    Zoho CRM is a powerful solution and it would transform your business experience for sure. You will save a lot of effort, time, man hours and money that goes into managing your various business activities. You will have an application for virtually everything your business needs. You also get details analytical reports on everything happening within your business. Marketing campaigns, customer service, scheduling delivering, invoicing and handling inventory, the CRM does it all, equipped with AI and automation.

  • Why should I prefer Zoho over other CRMs?

    Zoho comes with a big fat box of benefits that you may not get from other CRM providers.
    a) One platform for all business needs.
    b) Incredible thrird party compactibility.
    c) Flexible structure allows to develeop and change the applications as per specific requirements.
    d) Strong presence throuhgt out the blog with thousands of businesses already using Zoho.
    e) All of this at much affordable prices.

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