Our Strategy and Approach to transform your Business presence, Digitally

Defining KPIs

The first step is to understand your business' mission, vision, goals and plans. On the basis of this information, we can define the Key Performace Indicators that we must focus on and create plans around them.

Strategy and Implementation

The next step is to create an extensive strategy and the plan of action focusing on ways to get the optimum results. Once the strategy is designed, we can implement them to bring your digital business to a success.


A timely reporting for every step and every milestone is promised to our clients and any feedback is appreciated as we aim for nothing but the best digital marketing execution.

Our Full Suite of Best Digital Marketing Services in Bangalore

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is a key step in introducing a new product or reviving an old brand. Creating the awareness to the target audience about you is integral for any Go To Market Strategy. We ensure all the right measures are taken on your behalf.

Online Engagement

An Increase in user engagement with your brand ensures that your brand is considered by your customers when the time of consumption comes, Increasing online engagement inturn increases your Business’s revenue.

Lead Generation

Leads are an Essential part of a successful marketing campaign which ensures to persuade, excite & entertain your customers, With our team onboard we ensure all the right measures are taken on your behalf.

Manage Online Reputation

Be it a Compelling visual to encourage target audiences to interact authentically or maintaining the reputation of your brand, our team of experts listen to online mediums to maintain a brand's reputation.

Generate Inbound Traffic

With our team on Inbound marketing experts we create valuable content and online experience tailored to your target audience encouraging people to indulge with your business to create Brand and inturn revenue.

Influencer management

Influencer marketing is integral to online businesses when it comes to creating brand loyalty. We will help choose, interact and maintain a business relationship with influencers in your business's niche.

Product Placement

A strategic product placement strategy can create volumes of Brand visibility and awareness to potential customers, we ideate and collaborate with businesses which can give immense benefits for your brand.

Structured Blogs

In the age of Information, establishing thought leadership and technical capability is essential to win customers loyalty and create brand advocates, with our Structured blogs and content marketing strategies, your potential customers WILL find you.

Brand Recall

Our Brand Recall strategies increases the likelihood of instant recollection of your brand by a potential customer when they are prompted with a product or service. In simple terms, we help your customers to remember the name of a brand.

How We Do

This is how we build brands, campaigns & digital projects for your business

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Services

Our SEO Services will get your business webpages to rank on the first page of Google and make it visible to all your target audience.

Search Engine Marketing(SEM/PPC) Services

Our SEM Services will ensure you reach new customers, increase your revenue and promote your website's visibility with targeted ads.

Social Media Optimization(SMO) Services

Our SMO Services help tap the best market right now i.e, the social world where your customers are browsing and spending most of their time.

Social Media Marketing(SMM) Services

Our SMM Services will help increase your brand awareness, reach and recognition and drive higher traffic with higher conversion rates.

Ecommerce Marketing(E-comm) Services

With the E-comm industry reaching it's height, Our E-Comm services will ensure your business stands out with an efficient ecommerce marketing.

Web Analytics and Reporting Services

With this service you'll get a bird's eye view of all your organic and paid efforts that drive your business and take necessary action based on these reports.

Email Marketing Services

With our Email Marketing service, get the attention of your audience through strategised content sent over emails with a catchy subject line.

Local SEO Services

Our Local SEO Services, will help generate the visibility your local business deserves. We help Local customers get their services locally through you.

Performance Marketing Services

With our performance marketing services, your Online business will be able to retain and increase the reuse rate of your services with timed marketing messages.

Check our other Related Business Services

We provide a complete Digital Solution to ensure your Brand's success.

Content Writing Services

Complete suite of Content Writing services designed to create your brand voice.

Graphic Design Services

Complete suite of Graphic Design services designed to meet your brand identity.

Web Development Services

Complete suite of Web Development services designed to create your brand visibility online.


We know You've got Questions, Here we have got some of the answers you might seek.

  • Why do I need Digital Marketing services?

    With everything going online, your business also needs to go online. With Digital Marketing services, you will get things that you will not get with traditional marketing, like maximum ROI, 24*7 track of ads. Also, it is less costly than conventional marketing.

  • Why should I choose Blindly Digital for Digital Marketing?

    When you engage with us, we will take full responsibility for the entire Digital Marketing process and promote your brand. From website development to consultation, we will provide all kinds of Digital Marketing services.

  • How much should I spend on Digital Marketing?

    How much you spend entirely depends on your digital marketing objective. As a business, you may look for complete digital marketing services or specific goals. The cost varies depending on the service you are opting for. For more details, you can go through our packages page.

  • Do I need to sign any contract before hiring a Digital Marketing agency?

    If you are hiring a digital marketing agency, it is necessary to create and sign a formal agreement. It benefits both the client and the agency in defining and accomplishing the outcomes. Both the parties will have a clear view of the services offered.

  • What are the standard services offered by a digital marketing agency?

    Most digital marketing agencies offer standard digital marketing services, including SEO, SEM, SMM, SMO, Content marketing, email marketing, ORM, Analytics, Web development, etc.

  • How often do you send reports?

    We habitually send monthly reports to our clients, which give an overview of the performance metrics and the work that is done that particular month. But in a specific case like backlink, we send weekly reports depending on the agreed terms.

  • What services do you offer?

    We offer complete digital marketing services, including SEO, SEM, SMM, SMO, Analytics, Email Marketing, E-commerce Marketing, etc. Apart from this, we provide consultation services as well.

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